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A 60 years old male was admitted in emergency ward with abdominal pain, bleeding per rectum vomiting. On examination, he had a vague tender mass over the left lumbar region. Per rectal examination showed blood stained fecal matter. X ray abdomen showed features of intestinal     obstruction with dilated large bowel loops. Ultrasound of  abdomen was done which showed pseudo kidney sign in the left lower abdomen. Also Contrast enhanced CT Abdomen was done and it showed infolding loops of bowel in distal descending colon with target like appearance and dilated proximal colon which was suggestive of Intussception.            Laparotomy was planned and the intraop finding was a               retrograde intussuception of sigmoid colon into the           descending colon. There was no gangrene of the bowel and reduction was not attempted. The involved segment of colon was resected and Hartman's procedure done. Postop period was uneventfull. We report this case, as retrograde                  intussuception in sigmoid colon is a very rare presentation.


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