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A through and through jejunal perforation close to DJ flexure caused by blunt abdominal trauma is uncommon and most often seen after motor vehicle accidents. Here we present a case of 22 year old male admitted with alleged history of RTA with blunt injury abdomen caused by handle bar injury over epigastric region.1,4 Clinically patient had epigastric tenderness with guarding and rigidity . X-ray         revealed free air under diaphragm. USG and CECT abdomen shows free fluid and free air in the abdomen. Patient was clinically and hemodynamically stable. We proceeded with emergency exploratory lapratomy which showed through and through jejunal perforation about 5cm distal to the                       duodenojejunal flexure which was closed primarly and           reinforced with omental patch along with feeding jejunostomy. Post operative period was uneventful. Patient got discharged on 10th POD. We are reporting this case for its rare             presentation.


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