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OBJECTIVE - Ovarian Steroidal Cell Tumor (NOS) not           otherwise specified are rare sex cord stromal tumors of ovary with malignant potential. These tumors arise in ovary and produce signs of virilization. Here we report a case of  peri-menopausal female with obstructed para-umbilical hernia with signs of virilization and yellowish orange tumor was found in left ovary. METHOD - Case report and review of medical literature . CASE REPORT - A 43 year old  peri-menopausal women was admitted with abdominal          distension and signs of intestinal obstruction due to  irreducible paraumbilical hernia. Patient was evaluated and taken up for emergency laparotomy for intestinal obstruction. Intraoperatively a segment of transverse colon with greater omentum was found inside the para-umbilical hernia sac and 1.5 litre of serous ascitic fluid was aspirated. Then thorough laparotomy was done and rest of bowel was found to be    normal. Ovaries were examined as patient had signs of    virilization and left ovary was enlarged 6cmx5cm in size and yellowish orange in colour with irregular surface, right ovary appeared to be normal. Bilateral oophorectomy was done. Virilization features decreased postoperatively.  CONCLUSION - Ovarian steroidal cell tumors are rare and very few cases has been reported worldwide. It is a type of sex cord stromal tumor. It can be benign as well as malignant.


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