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Ovary, Fallopian Tube And Rudimentary Uterine Horn In An Adolescent Inguinal Hernia - A Rare Case Report.



Abstract A 13 yrs old female Ms.Rajalakshmi  admitted with complaints of swelling in the left groin for past 1yr,insidious in onset, gradually increased in size. On  examination a swelling in the left inguinal region of size 43 cms, oval in shape, extended from mid-inguinal point to pubic tubercle, Cough impulse was present, Soft in consistency, Deep Ring Occlusion Test- Positive, Three finger test Impulse felt in the index finger. Intra Op Findings were Ovary,  Fallopian Tube And Rudimentary Horn Of Uterus In the  Posterior Part Of Indirect Hernia Sac. Diagnostic Laproscopy confirmed Mullerian Duct Dysgenesis.


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