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Great toe transposition in a complex foot injury



Complex foot injuries often lead to dilemma in decision making concerning adequate soft tissue cover and bony stability, especially when there are one or more toes to be preserved. We present a case report of a complex foot injury with soft tissue loss over the first Meta Tarso  Phalangeal (MTP) joint and bone loss of distal third first  MetaTarsal(MT) and adjacent proximal third of first proximal phalanx with a viable great toe. The objective was to preserve the great toe. And to attain soft tissue cover over the MTP joint with osseous stability of the great toe. We could attain both the objectives by transposing the great toe onto the  second metatarsal. We could obtain soft tissue cover and bone stability by arthrodesing the proximal phalanx of the great toe to the second metatarsal. Above all preserving the great toe and providing a relatively better cosmetic outcome in the young individual.


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