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Giant fibroids are known to arise from the uterus and very rarely from the round ligament and that too after hysterectomy. We report an interesting case of round  ligament fibroid in a previously hysterectomised woman. The patient presented with incidental finding of mass and pain in abdomen after 30 years of abdominal hysterectomy for  penetrating genital injury. Bimanual examination revealed a firm pelvic mass of 8x8 cm felt through the vault. Ultrasound and CT abdomen were suggestive of possible right ovarian mass because the right ovary was not visualised separately. Laparotomy was done which revealed a mass seen  originating from the remnant of the right sided round ligament. Bilateral ovaries were normal. Histopathology of the mass confirmed it to be leiomyoma. We report this case because it is a very rare entity to encounter such a round ligament fibroid occurring many decades after the removal of uterus and  because of the diagnostic dilemma it caused.


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