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ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION Adenoid cystic    carcinoma is a rare malignant tumor of nasal cavity  constituting about 3-4 percent of all sinonasal malignancies. These tumors present with nasal obstruction and epistaxis. They have an indolent course but have high tendency for local recurrence along with perineural and haematogenous spread. Histologically they present with tubular, cribriform and solid patterns, of which solid form is associated with much aggressiveness. Lung metastasis is more common with these tumors. Local recurrence is common in adenoid cystic    carcinomas of nasal cavity. CASE REPORT A 28 year old female presented with nasal obstruction , headache for the past one year with occasional nasal bleed . Anterior   rhinoscopy revealed a fleshy, reddish , lobular mass    occupying right nasal cavity till the anterior end of inferior turbinate. Computed Tomography of Paranasal sinuses was done, which showed homogenous soft tissue mass in the inferior turbinate of right nasal cavity. Clinical diagnosis of benign tumor of the nasal cavity, Papilloma, was made .  Endoscopic assisted removal was done and suprisingly histopathologically Adenoid cystic carcinoma with cribriform pattern was reported. MRI was done to rule out perineural spread. Medial maxillectomy was done through lateral    rhinotomy approach followed by post operative   radiotherapy. CONCLUSION Adenoid cystic carcinoma  constitute 4 percent of all sinonasal malignancies This case is presented for its rarity. This is the first reported case in our institution in the past 10 years based on a recent   clinicopathological study conducted on Head and Neck Malignancies.


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