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Background Tumours of Meckels diverticulum are infrequent and account for 0.5 to 3.5 of cases. Of these, 12 tumours are GIST. A Meckels diverticulum GIST presenting as Perforation is extremely rare11. In English literature, we have found 8 well reported cases of Perforated Meckels     diverticulum GIST so far14. Case Presentation A 47 year old female patient presented as Acute Abdomen and was          diagnosed as a case of Perforative Peritonitis. On                   Laparotomy, a Perforating tumour arising from Meckels               diverticulum was found.Conclusion GIST is a KIT mutation driven mesenchymal neoplasm comprising about 0.1- 1 of all GI malignancies. Perforated GIST is associated with poor prognosis. Surgery is considered the standard treatment for non-metastatic GISTs with enbloc resection and clear              margins5.


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