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BACKGROUND Handlebar hernia is a rare,           traumatic, abdominal wall hernia caused by high-velocity direct trauma. A large proportion of reported cases are in children. Although, Traumatic abdominal wall hernia was first described by Selby a century ago, fewer than 100 cases have been reported in English literature. CASE PRESENTATION A 18 year old male patient came to emergency department with HO motor cycle accident with patterned abrasion of handlebar over his epigastric region. CT revealed traumatic epigastric hernia and Grade iv splenic injury. Patient was taken for emergency laparotomy. CONCLUSION Concomitant          intrabdominal visceral injuries should be suspected in          handlebar injuries involving supraumbilical region. Immediate exploration and primary repair of defect is generally accepted as a more favourable choice in the treatment of traumatic abdominal wall hernias.


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