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Introduction Transverse colon volvulus is an           uncommon acute surgical presentation associated with a higher rate of mortality than volvulae at other locations along the colon. Surgical resection or correction is the only              treatment, and various methods have been described in case report literature to relieve the volvulus and prevent            recurrence.Case presentation A 40 year old female presented with acute colonic obstruction in the emergency ward and on emergency laparotomy she was found to have transverse colon volvulus and patient was treated with resection of  transverse colon and enterostomy. Conclusions Volvulus of the transverse colon is rare but must form part of the                clinician's differential diagnosis when encountering a patient with suspected bowel obstruction, especially in younger          patients with no previous surgical history. Laparotomy is the treatment of choice and the technique of either using the greater omentum as a fixing point for redundant bowel to the lateral abdominal wall or resecting the transverse colon with primary anastamosis or enterostomy are options for surgical management of this condition


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