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Fibrosarcoma is a rare slow growing but locally aggressive malignant neoplasm of mesenchymal origin. It represents less than 1 percent of adult soft tissue tumour usually present in the deep soft tissues of the extremities and bone.It is generally a diagnosis of exclusion especially as a primary tumour in the orbit. Management of this tumour           requires wide local excision and even exenteration. We here report a rare case of 62 year old male who came with the complaints of protruding mass in the left eye for 6 months. This patient was diagnosed as a case of (query) Squamous cell carcinoma spindle cell neoplasm following incisional  biopsy. Patient was then managed by total                            exenteration .Exenterated mass was later found to be primary orbital fibrosarcoma of orbit confirmed by histopathological examination and immunohistochemistry .Post operatively the wound was healthy and margins were found to be free of tumour on HPE and there is no recurrence

of the tumour on further follow up.


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