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Neurofibromatosis is a benign neurogenic tumor, originating from schwann cells of the nerve sheath. It occurs sporadically or in association with Von Recklinghausens  disease. Women are more predisposed to this condition (FM 32). Laryngeal involvement is rare and the symptoms depend upon the size and location of this tumor varying from irritation, hoarseness, dysphagia, a feeling of fullness in the throat to dyspnoea, or combinations of these. Owing to the slow growth of these tumors, the symptoms may take a few months to several years to manifest , hence eluding early diagnosis.The literature to date has reported only a few cases of laryngeal involvement, with the aryepiglottic fold being the most frequent site of occurrence. The other sites involved are the ventricular folds and the free edges of the true vocal cord. The site and the size of the tumor may obscure the                 endolaryngeal inlet, making it impossible to visualize the vocal cords. However being a benign tumor, conservative surgery is the preferred management .We present a patient with of  supraglottic neurofibroma and a brief review of literature.


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