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Successful pregnancy in Eisenmenger syndrome- a rare case report



Eisenmenger syndrome is one of the very few heart diseases where pregnancy is absolutely                         contraindicated. Termination should ideally be offered to these patients before 10 weeks of gestation, as it carries a 50 percent maternal mortality rate, especially in the post partum period. Here I will be discussing a case of Eisenmenger            syndrome in pregnancy who delivered successfully at our hospital. The patient had been an unevaluated case of heart disease since childhood, diagnosed for the first time as          Eisenmenger syndrome at 19 years of age during a health camp. She only had occasional breathlessness on mild            exertion for the past 2 years. She had been on irregular            treatment with tablet bosentan and tablet sildenafil since then. On diagnosing pregnancy she was adviced termination but she refused. At 34 weeks she came to our hospital with breathessness for 5 days . She was managed                       symptomatically and stabilized. Fetus showed evidence of intra uterine growth restriction. Emergency caesarean section was performed in view of fetal distress. Postoperatively and after postpartum period she was well with a healthy baby.


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