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A Rare case of sublingual schwanomma



Introduction Schwannoma is a benign neural  tumour derived from spindle shaped Schwann cell  Extracranialy 25 of schwannoma arises in head and neck but only less than 1 occur in oral cavity. Oral floor schwannoma is extremely rare Case report 36yr old female patient came to our OPD with complaints of swelling in the mouth for 6 years .The swelling initially was small in size which gradually increased to attain the present size .There was no ho pain, any speech disturbance, any difficulty in deglutition or any disturbance in taste sensation. On examination there was a swelling of size 5X3 cm in the floor of the mouth left side which was ovoid in shape, firm in consistency .CT showed isodense lesion on the left sublingual region. FNAC was  inconclusive. Surgical excision was done. HPE showed schwannoma with cystic degeneration In summary we report a case of Schwannoma of sublingual region, a rare clinical entity.

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